Cross border cooperation for energy efficiency using solar energy
Project ScopeThe framework

Reduction of energy consumption


Project Beneficiaries

The Municipality of Preveza, in cooperation with the Municipality of Finiq and the University of Ioannina. 



The total budget of the SOLIS project is 1.932.686,23 €, being co-funded co-funded by the European Union and by National Funds of Greece and Albania



Pilot PV Cells and energy efficiency investments will be developed while coordinated actions to promote energy responsible lifestyles will be implemented.



The total duration of the project is 24 months. The project started on 1st December 2019 and is expected to finish on 30th November 2021



The reduction of energy consumption through the RES utilization and more energy efficient lifestyles and the achievement of energy efficiency awareness for the successful transition to low energy future.


Participating Countries

The project is being implemented in the framework of the Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020”

Energy Saving

Within the SOLIS project, 2 pilot projects will be implemented regarding the installation of photovoltaics cells in the wastewater treatment plant of Louros, Preveza, and energy efficiency investments in the Municipality of Finiq, as well as an energy efficiency awareness platform for the general public.

Upon completion of these projects, through the website, the visitor will be able to watch in real time data related to energy savings from these projects.

The Framework Programme

Interreg IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme “Greece-Albania 2014-2020”


The project addresses one of the major global challenges that humanity is facing, but most importantly takes on what is described as a THREAT for the Cross-Border area: the “Potential severe impacts of climate change on the natural and manmade environment”. The project aspires to showcase how a well-developed integrated energy intervention can achieve environmental targets, while at the same time boost economic growth and lead to a fair low-carbon economic development.